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CrossFit WOD

No doubt CrossFit has really gained ground in recent years - and for good reason. It is a super effective form of exercise, that can be changed indefinitely.It really is a great form of movement, for both children and adults, as it can be adapted to age, strength and preferences - you can include elements known from weight lifting to gymnastics.Based on the classic CrossFit, with a few remedies and a little planning, you can make a fun and challenging training for you and your children - in the yard, garden or in the playground.Write down the planned exercises on paper, and agree in advance whether it is time or repetitions that are the starting point for the various exercises....
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Children & Motion

Until recently we had a culture where children were very physically active. Children used the body as a means of transport, children's play was physical. Our movement culture has changed in a few decades to such an extent that we suppress children's spontaneous physical activity. At all ages, everyday exercise is important. This means that the school child should use the body as a means of transport as far as possible and incorporate an active lifestyle - also in the smallest, because it has a great impact whether a child is active or not. Active children are more happy, have greater confidence and are better at managing stress - and they learn better.The purpose of children's physical activity in age 6-15...
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Lotte Leerbeck - Joy of Movement

Lotte LeerbeckDancer, choreographer, stud. psychomotor therapist & founder of Joy of Movement "I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. The last 5 years I have specialized in working with special children, both as a teacher and assistant teacher. For daily I study psychomotor therapy, which is the teaching of the link between body and mind. to strengthen bodily, psychological and social health and resilience, and generally helps to improve well-being and balance in life. I believe that everyone can find joy in dancing and moving. It is fun, liberating and healthy for both body and soul. No diagnosis should stop the joy of the dance or movement. That's why I founded www.bevægelsesglæde.dk, where we create space for children with...
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Emmamaria Padma Vincentz - lilleyogahus.dk

For me, yoga for children and young people is a call. It is my dream of life to help each child and their parents unfold their full potential and live in harmony and harmony with each other and our natural world. This I base on the principles "a little but well make a big difference over time", and "if I think I can, then I can." My purpose is to make yoga a natural part of our culture and our education and health system to obtain greater competences, accountability and awareness amongst children and adults. Yoga for children, both as form of movement and concept, has grown with great haste over the last 5 years. As society demands for efficiency and digitization, it...
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Vibeke Lentz - Children & life energy

Looking at a newborn baby, breathing, you’ll discover that the child is breathing all the way down the stomach. Many adults have lost that ability and instead they breathe out superficially. The focus of yoga on breathing and the many breathing exercises helps the child maintain its full breathing, which means that the baby gets more life energy. Yoga should be seen upon as playing and everyone benefits from doing yoga. A strong body and a happy child belong together. In reality you give your child a motor lead when introducing it to yoga - Yoga at the same time presents challenges at all levels. Yoga is amazing and the joy and effect of yoga is just as great for...
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