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Looking at a newborn baby, breathing, you’ll discover that the child is breathing all the way down the stomach. Many adults have lost that ability and instead they breathe out superficially. The focus of yoga on breathing and the many breathing exercises helps the child maintain its full breathing, which means that the baby gets more life energy.

Yoga should be seen upon as playing and everyone benefits from doing yoga. A strong body and a happy child belong together. In reality you give your child a motor lead when introducing it to yoga - Yoga at the same time presents challenges at all levels.

Yoga is amazing and the joy and effect of yoga is just as great for children as for adults. Research shows that children sit still much more than they did just 10 years ago, and if it stays on, it will seriously affect their body and physics.

When children do yoga, they learn to work with their bodies, which helps strengthen both muscles, tendons and skeleton. In addition, there are many other good reasons why your child benefits from yoga. Among other things. greater body awareness, they maintain the innate contact to the full breath, they achieve agility and strength, better concentration, development of natural inner peace, better body posture and better linguistic development.

At home, we can see the impact yoga has on our own 3 children, two of whom have autism and adhd. The tranquility, self-control, self-awareness and concentration that yoga contributes to, is absolutely fantastic.

Children who generally do yoga, learn breathing techniques and make visualizations, become better at concentrating and finding inner peace. The children become better at being quiet, at gathering their thoughts and at eliminating external disturbances. Thus, the children become aware and improve their learning abilities - it is thus a great aid if you have a child with challenges.