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No doubt CrossFit has really gained ground in recent years - and for good reason. It is a super effective form of exercise, that can be changed indefinitely.

It really is a great form of movement, for both children and adults, as it can be adapted to age, strength and preferences - you can include elements known from weight lifting to gymnastics.

Based on the classic CrossFit, with a few remedies and a little planning, you can make a fun and challenging training for you and your children - in the yard, garden or in the playground.

Write down the planned exercises on paper, and agree in advance whether it is time or repetitions that are the starting point for the various exercises. One of you controls the time / repetition while the other is performing, and vice versa.


Suggestion for Crossfit WOD with children

Warm Up 🤸🏼‍♀️

5 Cartwheels

5o m. running

10 Tuck jumps

10 Burpee

10 Mountainclimbers

10 Wall ups

10 Lunges


You will for sure locate a thing or 2 that can be involved where you are - pallets / stairs / benches!

Let only your imagination limit your ideas and embark on a fun and challenging workout with your children. They will love being together and laughing.

Enjoy your sweats!