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For me, yoga for children and young people is a call. It is my dream of life to help each child and their parents unfold their full potential and live in harmony and harmony with each other and our natural world. This I base on the principles "a little but well make a big difference over time", and "if I think I can, then I can."

My purpose is to make yoga a natural part of our culture and our education and health system to obtain greater competences, accountability and awareness amongst children and adults. 

Yoga for children, both as form of movement and concept, has grown with great haste over the last 5 years. As society demands for efficiency and digitization, it takes a lot of resources from our children and their adults to keep up.

Yoga has for many become a means of creating more breathing holes for presence and being, and balancing body, mind and spirit. It has infected the kids. Both privately, in pedagogical practice and in the field of learning in school / youth education.

We believe that yoga for children, will provide practical life skills - and can promote and support:

Health * Self-confidence * Self-care * Self-awareness * Self-regulation * Self-sufficiency * Healthy sleep pattern * Socio-emotional skills * The sense of creative problem solving * Sensory processing / sensory integration * Greater academic capacity and retention * Stress management skills and prevention * Strength - resilience and balance.

At the smallest yoga teams, it may sometimes seem like you have ended up in a hive, as children can be everywhere and not just on the mat. One hour consists of both movement that supports their motor skills, as well as moments of stagnation for integration and self-regulation. The artistic touches and creative learning elements that are special to children's yoga educate the children and give them insight into the natural world they are part of and the related exercises (asanas) they imitate. This helps to sharpen their curiosity and understanding of self-care and respect for others.

On tweens / teen teams, the weighting is slightly different. Here, the focus is on supporting transformation from child to teen, and giving them tools to engage practically in life for a strong and agile body and robust and calm mind.

The children's yoga consists, in our house, of -

Physical exercises * Respiratory awareness / exercises * Partner and group exercises * Yoga game - activities * Deep relaxation * Mindfulness and meditation * Artistic and creative expression * Storytelling * Reflection * Philosophy * and more. 

Yoga is an in-depth and transformative practice, and with children's yoga, good habits and routines are established at an early age as well as children's motor skills, socio-emotional and cognitive abilities, supported and developed. This in a competitive space where everyone is winners and it is also fun.

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