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Lotte Leerbeck

Dancer, choreographer, stud. psychomotor therapist & founder of Joy of Movement


"I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. The last 5 years I have specialized in working with special children, both as a teacher and assistant teacher. For daily I study psychomotor therapy, which is the teaching of the link between body and mind. to strengthen bodily, psychological and social health and resilience, and generally helps to improve well-being and balance in life.


I believe that everyone can find joy in dancing and moving. It is fun, liberating and healthy for both body and soul. No diagnosis should stop the joy of the dance or movement. That's why I founded www.bevægelsesglæde.dk, where we create space for children with special needs. The dance lessons are filled with rhythm, music, dance and, not least, lots of laughs. The good atmosphere, structure and recognition are really popular among the beautiful students.


We finish all hours of calm and relaxation, where we lie and listen to some quiet music before we say thank you for today. That way, everyone comes quietly out of the dance hall and are ready for the day to continue. "


If you want to read more about Lotte and her work on creating a great joy of movement, - find her here, where you can also find additional info about dance teams and other activities.